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Healing & Recovery

Providing support and advocacy services for those psychologists and psychological examiners referred for assistance.

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We help to ensure appropriate evaluation and rehabilitation of impaired psychologists and psychological examiners.

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We provide education for psychologists and psychological examiners on impairment and how to avoid it.

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Referral Program

TCAF accepts referrals from various sources for acceptance to our program.

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Executive Director

Brian M. Wind, PhD – Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Dr. Brian Wind earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia, and a Master of Arts in clinical psychology at Middle Tennessee State University. He obtained a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California. He completed post-doctoral training in the fields of Sleep Disorders and Behavioral Medicine, and for many years served as the Director of Clinical Sleep Medicine at a large interdisciplinary sleep disorders practice with multiple locations around Nashville, TN. He holds a board certification in Behavioral Sleep Medicine from the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and is a contracted speaker in the neuroscience division of Merck and Company Pharmaceuticals.

Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Wind has also specialized in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of addiction disorders. In 2014, he became the Chief Executive Officer of NOVOS Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC, a clinical consulting company with an emphasis on the treatment of addiction, as well as the three “pillars of health” – sleep, nutrition, and exercise.  In this position, Dr. Wind serves as a clinical consultant with multiple healthcare facilities, and manages the development of healthcare related software. Dr. Wind has served as co-chair of the American Psychological Association’s Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance, with an emphasis on furthering the national movement of professional wellness. Since co-founding the Tennessee Colleague Assistance Foundation (TCAF) in 2006, Dr. Wind has served as the organization’s Executive Director. He brings a wealth of experience in professional wellness and monitoring to TCAF.