Healing & RecoveryRehabilitationEducationReferral Program

Healing & Recovery

Providing support and advocacy services for those psychologists and psychological examiners referred for assistance.

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We help to ensure appropriate evaluation and rehabilitation of impaired psychologists and psychological examiners.

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We provide education for psychologists and psychological examiners on impairment and how to avoid it.

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Referral Program

TCAF accepts referrals from various sources for acceptance to our program.

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About Us

TCAF’s philosophy is that impaired mental healthcare providers are a unique population and as such, clearly-developed, unique protocols for education, evaluation, rehabilitation, and monitoring will best serve this population and ensure long term success in “recovery.”  We are an organization of Psychologists who are well-equipped to provide assistance to our colleagues.

The co-founder of TCAF, Dr. Brian Wind, serves as the TCAF Director of Services.  Dr. Wind has extensive experience in the areas of addiction/recovery, professional impairment, and professional monitoring.  Dr. Wind has several TCAF Associate Directors strategically placed in each of the three grand divisions of the state of Tennessee – East, Middle, and West.

TCAF has also gathered a pool of invaluable resources from all over the country to provide education, evaluation, and treatment services to those referred to our organization, and each of these organizations has a focus on addressing the specific needs of impaired professionals.